-What are the nail strips made of?

Real Gel

-What's the difference between gel nail strips and 3.other regular nail wraps?

1. material:Real Gel Application
2. salon effect
3. Long lasting
4. Personalized design
5. ECO-friendly

-Have super short/long/wide/narrow nails, can I use it?

Fits On Any Size Nail

-How should I apply them?

1. Ensure nails are completely dry;
2. Match strips size to each nail;
3. Trim excess with scissors or clipper
4. LED Lamp cure 60 seconds
5. Avoid liquid contact for an hour

-How to remove them?

Dip the enclosed wooden stick into a remover,then use it to gently push the edge of the nail strip until it lifts and detaches from your nail.

-What if I don’t have a UV light? Will they still work without it?

"No LED Lamp work properly". The optimal way to achieve the best results is by using an LED lamp.

Reduced durability
Salon effect is not obvious

-What is so specail about look envy?

1. Real Gel & Effect & Fit All Nail Shapes
2. 60s Quick & Easy Application;
3. Easy Removal & No Damage To Nails
4. Plus + Nail Art Accessories for salon effects

-What countries can you ship to?

Southeast Asia / Europe / America

-How to contact you to join look envy Affiliate Program?

Reach out to us at

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